Whether you desire inches of extra length, dramatic volume, or a spicy new splash of color, Kelly, our extensions specialist can give you a fresh new look. Using the finest human hair, we only choose the safest options for hair enhancement. Unlike other salons, 1213 Hair Studio does not use braiding, sewing, heat or glue. The consultation fee is $30 (paid at the time of booking) and includes product education, custom texture, length and color matching as well as a personalized pricing quote.

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Q: How much will the system cost?
A: Because your extensions are custom ordered, you will receive a quote for your personal needs during your initial consultation.

Q: How does it work?
A: Your hair extensions start with 100% remy human hair. A certified specialist then applies it using a unique cold application. Unlike other methods, the process uses no chemicals, sewing, heating or glue and is completely safe and painless.

Q: Will it damage my natural hair?
A: There is no tension, stretching, chemicals or heat used during the application or the take down process. We use the safest extensions available today.

Q: Can you see them?
A: The extensions are always applied behind the hairline and away from the natural partings. The unique shells are color matched so they blend naturally with your hair and are virtually undetectable!

Q: Will the hair match my color and texture?
A: Absolutely. Your certified extensions specialist will match your color and texture perfectly. Custom blending is our specialty!

Q: How long do they last?
A: With regular maintenance the life of your extensions is up to you. Most people can go up to six weeks without needing any service on the hair.
Q: Are there any forms I should review/complete prior to my consultation?
A: Yes, during your consultation your extensions specialist will go over everything you need to know and assist you in filling out the necessary documents.

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